Here we can learn English and have a good time.

Monday, 15 February 2016



Anonymous said...

Sara 6ºA

Hi!I love the games,my favourite is the second.There are a lot of Jobs in the world!I love the vet,the teacher and the hairdresser but I don't like the bus driver because in te movies he always was rude and bad!

Anonymous said...

Marcos Boullosa Álvarez 6ºA

Hi teacher, the games are very interesting, my favourite is the first .

Monday,15 February.

Anonymous said...

Lucía Boullosa Álvarez 6ºA

Hello teacher!!!I love the games they are interesting and good for learn.My favourite is the
second.There are a lot of jobs but it is very easy,and the pictures,are very funny.


Monday,15 February 2016

Anonymous said...

Julia Boullosa Álvarez 6ºA

Hello!!!The games are fantastics, I learned new and interesting vocabulary .I want to be a teacher or maybe a children´s doctor because I love them , more when they are smaller.I often think it.

See you latter!!!

Monday, 15 February 2016