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Monday, 27 September 2010


1.- What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in a thousand years?

2.- What goes up, but never comes down?

3.- I look at you, you look at me, I raise my right, you raise your left. What is this object?

4.- What goes around the world and stays in a corner?

...and the answers are:

1.- the letter m

2.- the age

3.- a mirror

4.- a stamp

Congratulations to Alessandra Apariz (6º A)


Anonymous said...

3.-it´s a mirror.
name:Jennifer and Rose.6ºA

Anonymous said...

4.-it`s a moon
Name:Jenni and Rose.6ºA

Anonymous said...

1.-it´s the clock.
Name:Jenni and Rose

Anonymous said...

1. It's the letter em

3.It's the mirror
4.It's the satellite

Gonzalo & Adrian G. 6ºA

Anonymous said...

1º The letter e.
2º The age.
3º A mirror.
4º A postage stamp.
Alessandra Apariz Chaves 6ºA

Anonymous said...

1º The letter m.
2º The age.
3º A mirror.
4º A stamp post.
Alessandra Apariz 6ºA

Anonymous said...

The question 3, the solution is mirror.

María San Miguel Pérez 6ºB

Anonymous said...



julia varela 6ºB

Anonymous said...

2 the age
3 mirror

Diego Villanueva Fariña 6ºB

Anonymous said...



3º mirror

Alex and María 6ºB

Anonymous said...


1: Letter "M"
2: Balloon of helio

From:Alba Zels 6ºB

Anonymous said...

1ºit is the letter m
2º they are the years
3ºit is the mirror
4ºit is the moon

Anonymous said...

2ºThey are the years
3º It is the mirror

Antía and Fabiana 6ºA

Anonymous said...

2.It's the year

Adrián Alonso Vilar 6ºA