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Thursday, 31 October 2013



Halloween is a great celebration that we celebrate on 31st  October. In my house we celebrate  Halloween.  Halloween  games are apple bobbing and apples on strings. There is Halloween  food but it´s scary, for example:
spider biscuits, skeleton pizza, Dracula´s drinks… In this celebration the people dress up. I dress up as a vampire. In my school the children  in 6th and in 5th,learn a song and sing it and dance it  in the  playground.
 This year the children learn  Michael Jackson´s song “Thriller”. On this date all the children dress up as vampires, mummies, monsters, ghosts, skeletons… In my school  the children bring their pumpkins, they are very funny. I love this celebration because it´s very funny.

The British and American children go to the houses saying trick or treat and the people give them sweets,lollipops…

Halloween is on 31st October. I dress up as a vampire.  Halloween characters are a vampire, a witch, Frankenstein… I make pumpkin lanterns. Halloween games are apple bobbing and apples on strings. In my school we celebrate Halloween. My sister cooks scary cakes and scary drinks. My sister Lidia dresses up as a zombie.. I ask trick or treat in Cambados.


On Halloween there are pumpkins and bats. At school we bring pumpkin lanterns. It´s great !! At home we don´t  celebrate Halloween because my sister is scared.
Halloween games are apple bobbing and apples on strings. They are difficult.
In Britain they celebrate this party a lot.

Halloween  characters are  vampires , skeletons, wolves , mummies …

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The projects are very good, i like very much Alba´s project because it´s interesant and good. The Sergio´s is scared, and i don´t see because i´m scary.. xD. And the Clara´s projects.. is ease. Sabrina 6ºB.