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Thursday, 31 October 2013



Anonymous said...

The costumes at the children are... Terrorific and very great! =D. Sabrina 6 ºB

Anonymous said...

The night of 4th November the people burn guys because it´s Bonfire Night.I love Bonfire Night because the British children have got rockets,sparklers...The fireworks are very beAutiful.

Alba 6ºB

Anonymous said...

Hello I'm Érika.
Do you remember me?
I was your pupil 2 years ago and now I'm in second of ESO.
Good give regards to Teresa, to Mónica and to the rest of teachers of my part.

Anonymous said...

Hello,I'm Sheila
Do you remember me?
I was your student 2 years ago.
Now I'm in 2º CSE,with others that also were your students.
Greet of my part to Teresa,Mónica and all the teachers.

Sheila 2º ESO


Anonymous said...

The dance was MAGNIFIC!! I liked very very much the experience for dance this song, was fantastic.Never i forget this experience, was the best of the dances of San Tomé school. XD. Sabrina 6ºB.

ceipazoriningles said...

So great!!!!! I just love it. Congratulations!!!